What would Pythagoras say?

Posted by Marc Hodak on May 11, 2011 under Innumeracy | Read the First Comment

Greece is out of cash.  You would think that the land of Aristotle, Demosthenes and Euclid could do better than this:

Vassilis Theodorakopoulos, a 53-year old dental technician who works for the country’s main public health-care fund, said he was protesting a 20% cut in his salary, as well as a plan to expand the working week for public servants to 40 hours—in line with the private sector—from 37.5 currently.

“Personally, I don’t think there should be a difference between the public and private sector,” he said. “What we are fighting for is a reduction in private-sector working hours.”

He said he also objects to a plan by the government to eliminate free dental braces for children, his specialty, as part of its health-care reform.

That last part actually makes sense, at least in a world where one’s income is driven by politics.  If I were an economics professor employed by the state, I’m sure I could make an excellent case for spending big,big bucks to raise economic literacy, using quotes like the one above to support my case.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend money even on important things when you have no money left.  When that happens, then you see what is really important to those in power.

  • KipEsquire said,

    I’m pretty sure Pythagoras would say that this merely confirms the need to keep mathematics, science, and knowledge generally as far away from the masses as possible.

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