The incentives of global warming alarmists

Posted by Marc Hodak on June 7, 2009 under Patterns without intention | Read the First Comment

This time...

This time... is based entirely... is based entirely...

...on science!

...on science!

When it comes to “global warming scientists” Freeman Dyson puts lays it out so beautifully:

The whole livelihood of all these people depends on people being scared.

Really, just psychologically, it would be very difficult for them to come out and say, “Don’t worry, there isn’t a problem.” It’s sort of natural, since their whole life depends on it being a problem. I don’t say that they’re dishonest. But I think it’s just a normal human reaction. It’s true of the military also. They always magnify the threat. Not because they are dishonest; they really believe that there is a threat and it is their job to take care of it. I think it’s the same as the climate community, that they do in a way have a tremendous vested interest in the problem being taken more seriously than it is.

If someone is paid to say something, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lying–not by a long shot.  But it does color what they say, because you know they couldn’t possibly say otherwise, even if that were the truth.  I don’t expect an advocate to be balanced.  But I never confuse an advocate for a scientist, even if one could be both.

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