Taxes due? Don’t fret. It’s voluntary.

Posted by Marc Hodak on April 15, 2009 under Collectivist instinct, Irrationality | 7 Comments to Read

According to the head of the U.S. Senate, anyway:

  • jd said,

    Proof that Harry Reid lives on a different planet than the rest of us.

  • Beth McClary said,

    The frightening thing is, he actually seems to believe what he’s saying. Almost as if he heard this definition of “voluntary” from someone at the IRS, and decided that was the truth.

  • jakewill said,

    From the look of the interview’s tie, this must have taken place in the 70s.

  • rjohnson said,

    This guy is a complete moron.

  • George Orwell said,

    I’m (sniff sniff) so proud of him!

  • Chandra Larson said,

    I wish Harry would volunteer to pay my taxes.

  • Kat said,

    It’s such a relief to know that our Great Leaders don’t know the definition of “voluntary”.

    Next, he’ll be telling us that government purges of the politically undesirable are not murder but a sound environmental policy. Getting rid of excessive carbon footprints, you know.

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