How many birthdays?

Posted by Marc Hodak on July 14, 2008 under Futurama | Be the First to Comment

I’ve been on vacation this past week, which included my birthday, which is why there have been no posts since Wednesday.

One thing I missed on my birthday was this review by Andrew Stark of “The Mortal Coil” by David Boyd Haycock. The review of the book itself was OK, but then the author transitions into a pointless after-commentary:

But how desirable would cryonics or immortality in tiny steps be, even if they were possible? Mr. Haycock says that he “will leave it for others to try and answer” such a question. OK, let’s try.

He fails. Stark doesn’t like the proposed, rocky road to immortality that might be just around the corner, and says he will pass. The next step in Darwinism may be the intellectuals and mystics who are bothered by such proposed interventions, and step off the path of continued existence.

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