Posted by Marc Hodak on March 8, 2007 under Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

I will periodically post to this blog for several reasons. The first is edutainment. I like getting in front of people for both educational and entertainment purposes. There is an inherent trade off between those goals, but, for me, when I’m doing my thing well, the two go together seamlessly. I think that economics, human nature, and the entertainment media (which I interpret broadly to include the big city dailies) are fascinating areas to be mined for insights. Second, I need the writing practice. I have to write for my business, and posting items forces me to condense my thoughts and communicate them, hopefully with impact. These posts are kind of a farm team of publication ideas. Third, the most important, is feedback. One day, when my posts and perhaps those of my colleagues attract a little following, we will have access to the kind of interaction you can’t get any other way short of continuously running seminars.

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